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You are asked for a customer case, what is the best preparation?

Video customer cases are without a doubt one of the best ways to connect people with a product or company in an authentic way. Imagine being asked for a customer case, what can you expect? And how can you best prepare?

1. Preparation if you are asked for a customer case
If a company asks you to tell a story about the collaboration in front of the camera, that’s a big compliment! They think the collaboration with you is a success story and will do everything to bring it to light in the most attractive way possible. So don’t worry about what to say for the camera, the collaboration was a huge success and all you have to do is tell it. You can do this to be prepared:

  • Discuss what you do and do not want to see in the video
  • Ask what the desired answers are so that you get an idea of ​​what is expected of you
  • Request the questionnaire in advance
  • Walk through the collaboration in your head again, what went well and why was it such a great success

Remember that if you are asked for a customer case, you will be of great service to the other company. It is very common to request a return service from them; for example a LinkedIn recommendation or a photo of the set/ shoot for your own Instagram or LinkedIn profile.

2. During the recording
Most reference and customer cases are recorded at your office. You are the success story and they want you to tell your story in your familiar environment. That is authentic and genuine. At the same time it is nice that it is in your familiar office environment. Maybe you have a room or space in which you feel extremely comfortable? Or maybe a space that is very beautiful, don’t forget to pass it on.

A cameraman, interviewer and director will be present during the recording. Sometimes the interviewer is the one who asked you. That makes it even more familiar. There will also be lights that ensure a good shot.

  • Clothing choice: mainly wear solid colors. No black, white or strong color such as red. This gives a lot of difficulties, especially in the color correction phase of the video. Clothing with stripes or patterns also causes restless images.
  • Hair & make-up: the director wants you to be just yourself, which means that you have to wear your make-up and hair as you normally do. You can take make-up if you like.
  • Concerning jewelry: as little as possible. It distracts and can also cause extra noise, such as a bracelet that makes a tinkling sound. That is a shame and a nightmare for the audio editing afterwards.
  • Being comfortable with your energy: it is important that you add an extra boost to your recordings. So drink a good cup of coffee in advance and make sure your energy is high. The interview itself often only takes 30 minutes, so make sure you are high in your energy. You will see that immediately in the playback of the interview. If you notice during the interview that you are a bit tired or have no energy: report it immediately! Then a short break works wonders. Walking a bit and being physically active also helps enormously to crawl out of your head and get your energy back on a good arrow.

The big difference between a customer’s video recording, explanation or educational video is that there is no script. The camera captures the real answers.

It is possible that the director asks to retry a piece. This is not because your story is not good, but often to get a better recording during an important part of the interview. You might get stuck sometimes in a story for a moment, don’t worry, that happens very often. Take a break and breathe gently so that you can quietly pick up your story again.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to see the interview as an ordinary conversation. Imagine that you just met the interviewer on the street. Customers want to see and hear real people talk about this specific company. The more natural this feels, the better the video.

Good luck and have fun recording!