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Why the use of video has a huge future for the pharmaceutical industry

As a marketer you can easily include video in all your marketing activities and these videos can have a huge impact on healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders and patients. It is much more efficient than reading a long-form article. And it makes difficult concepts easier to understand, tracks the effectiveness of complex pharmaceutical information and supports this with the help of dynamic images. Video is one of the most suitable forms to deliver a strong message.

Video will become one of the most important channels in pharmaceutical marketing.
The most successful pharmaceutical marketers look at digital and mobile trends with new channels and platforms and recognize that making video content should be a larger part of their marketing plans.
As the importance of video strategy increases, it immediately improves SEO, attracts attention and stimulates higher engagement. In addition, the content itself can be relevant and promote a flexible marketing approach – all essential properties for a constantly evolving pharmaceutical industry that is dependent on the practice of key opinion leader.

Video has a higher retention rate than any other text content: 64% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video. This means that video is really the best format for delivering your marketing message. It offers more value than other content to keep the public’s attention and it also communicates the true value of a product or service.

Accessibility of video: easy to make, easy to share
From desktops to mobile phones, videos perform exceptionally well. More video favorite technology exists today than ever before, and newer channels almost always prefer video content. The accessibility of video is that it is user-friendly and usually focuses on the needs of the consumer. Most importantly, video content is now easier and cheaper to produce than ever before.

The low viewing threshold of the video, the high relevance and the easy accessibility make video an ideal marketing expression in the pharmaceutical industry. By next year, video can constitute up to 80% of all internet traffic, it provides a 150% -200% higher number of actually opened emails and almost 55% prefer a video rather than reading an article. In short, the use of video in the pharmaceutical world is not just a trend. It is also a smart and more efficient marketing expression.