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Recording a testimonial video with your customer: 4 tips to prepare

Suppose one of your customers tells you why they are so eager to work with you, don’t you want to let the whole world know? You can: by recording a video testimonial with your client. Hearing about a product or service from someone who has used it before creates trust and a legitimate reason for someone else to purchase the product. It’s like a regular reference, but a lot stronger because your customer has even taken the time to come and tell you in a beautiful video. It gives a genuine glimpse into the customer’s experience and texts or photos simply cannot compete with that.

A good customer case video can be one of your best sales and marketing investments. But it is very important that you prepare this well. What should you keep in mind?

1. Select a suitable customer.
It sounds very logical but things often go wrong here. It is important that you know the customer well and that they actually want to help build your success story. It shouldn’t be a favor from them to you. It is a real investment and they must be genuinely enthusiastic to work with you.

Once you have found a good candidate, you should go through the story with them. In the meantime, you and a colleague can also see whether the candidate is suitable for video. That means that you look at things like: the energy of the candidate, charisma, conveying enthusiasm, pronunciation, ability to improvise and confidence.

This is an example testimonial for our customer Digital Genius and their collaboration with TravelBird.

2. Consider what story you want to tell
Many customer case videos make one big mistake: they only talk about the product or service. This is just the solution that you offer. It is important to capture the customer’s story: Who are they? What are the problems they faced? It should be a compelling story. Everyone already knows your solution, it’s about why this customer chose you. And why you are such a good match. Ultimately, the customer ‘organically’ introduces the solution, but this is certainly not the only topic.

You can send these interview questions to your client beforehand to be able to think about:

  • Can you tell who you are and what your role is?
  • Who do you work for?
  • What kind of business is this?
  • What are your daily activities?
  • What problem has led to contacting (X)?
  • What did (X) do to solve this?
  • How did they do that?
  • Why did you choose this collaboration?
  • What was your final experience?
  • What is the best thing about working with (X)?

3. Make sure your candidate understands the entire process.
To get a good story you have to manage the expectations of your customer. Make sure you go through the questions with them once. You may even be able to send them a list of your ideal answers so that you can talk about this. In any case, make sure that your customer is not stressed, because that is bad for the final result.

How do you prevent this stress? Make sure that you are as transparent as possible about the entire course of events. Tell who will be on the day of the shoot, who will ask the questions and what is needed for the interview. Make a clear choice about the location, provide a familiar place, chair or environment that the customer knows. Consult with the customer that you prefer. Also tell them what to wear and what to take for the recordings. Provide enough water, coffee and snacks for everyone in the crew. This makes the atmosphere at the location a lot more relaxed.

4. Finally: make sure you communicate well when the recordings will take place.
We work with small flexible teams that already build everything up for the interview. This way you ensure that your customer does not waste time on unnecessary preparations. If you are well prepared, your customer can tell an enthusiastic story about your company as well and as relaxed as possible!

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