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With our custom made innovations we help healthcare companies create better, clearer and easy methods to communicate.

Our Innovation Process



Design Sprints are the start of the innovation process. Together we define the topic and challenge we will focus on. In 5 days we will go from the idea to a tested prototype with real customers. This will define the next steps of the process.

(Duration: 5 days)



The goal of the Positioning phase is to run a deep-dive research in the industry and comparable industries. This supports finetuning solution direction (concept) based on validated customer problems > customer – problem fit

(Duration: 3 months)



The purpose of the Validation phase is to validate the solution through multiple experiments with real customers and online & offline campaigns > problem – solution fit

(Duration: 3 months)


Build & Launch

The aim of the Build & Launch phase is to develop and start a first minimal version of your product or service, generate traction and grow the customer base > product – market fit

(Duration: 6 months)

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Innovation sprints

In only five days, your team will uncover issues, brainstorms solutions, make strategic choices, create prototypes, and observe real users experiencing the product.