Pharma Innovation Sprints



Objective for a major pharma company: 

how to create valuable engagement 

with young HCPs?

4 steps: 
  • Sprint
  • Positioning
  • Validation
  • Build & Launch

Pharma sprint sessions
with 7 people with different positions
  • get a clear view of the problem
  • sketch solutions separately
  • choose and develop the best
  • build your prototypetest with customers
Customer > problem fit 
  • Run a deep-dive research in the industry and comparable industries
  • Fine-tuning of the solution direction based on validated customer problems
  • Development of concept in terms of content, target audiences, technologies, business models, competition, brand positioning & storytelling
  • After 6 months there will be a project evaluation
Problem > solution fit

Validate the solution through multiple experiments with real customers and online & offline campaigns

Build & Launch:
Product market fit
  • Build a first minimal version of the product
  • Generation of traction and growth of the customer base
Operating principles
    Luxury content service with easy on demand content
    Modern and work efficient
    Valuable content (no promotion)
    The best content experience possible
Thought leadership

International, leading experts make their podcast top curated lists.

Thought leader effect.

Easy digestible

8-12 minutes per podcast so HCPs can listen to bite-sizes content

whilst driving in their car, going to the gym, cooking dinner etc


Consider the timing of podcast releases around key events

(congresses, REMs), publications, update of GOLD recommendations