Let’s Work Together

Millennials. We’ve all heard the jokes about them.



Shouting things are ‘on fleek’ and ‘fire’, their need for instant gratification, and endless Instagram posts, they surely receive lots of bad press.

But whether you like it or not, they are coming. Or better yet, they are here.

Making up for 33% of the workforce, it’s only a matter of time for this generation to take the leadership roles and change the paradigm of what we’ve known as corporate business.

So, let’s look at a couple of characteristics of this emerging work force and how they are different from their ancestors – the baby boomers and generation X, and what this all means for your business.

Let’s dive in!

1-   They can function at jobs that align with their passions: 94% of Millennials believe experiences are crucial for having a fulfilling life. They want to work for the greater good, rather than waiting for the next pay check. Providing for the family was the main focus for the previous generations, however according to this Department 26 survey making a valuable impact on the world is what drives them the most. This pursuit of passion in work, may seem a kind of entitlement to some. The article states that “54% of millennials said that if money wasn’t a concern they still would not quit their jobs”.

You see, a Millennial who believes in the cause can give boost your business remarkable ways…Along with very good avocado toasts!

2-   They are not afraid to challenge the status quo: Bad news for you, the status-quo lovers. Millennials want to work in a more transparent environment. “That’s not my job,” is not in their dictionary. They are not only afraid to wear many hats at once, but also checking their e-mails on a Sunday afternoon is not that of a big deal, compared to the previous generations who are apt to look for satisfaction in their social circles than their jobs. As they tend to operate with different values than previous generations, ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ doesn’t mean much to the Millennials. Therefore, the chain of command for them is nothing but a stiff set of rules that they don’t mind breaking… After all that, seeing fewer walls in their offices shouldn’t surprise you!

3-   They are collaborative: If you’re a Millennial reading this sentence, it’s time for you to stop writing ‘team-player’ on your CV! Being brought up with social media connecting with someone has been one click away. And this mind state has shaped this generation for good. They prefer cooperation to competition. A collaborative work environment and flexibility can lead to a more engaged and creative work environment, which can lead to a higher job satisfaction and therefore, commitment to organization. All the things that Millennials would love to have in their lives. Along with 7 euro flat white artisan coffee.

There you have it! The 3 main points that differentiate Millennials from previous generations. It’s certain that these young people have the desire and power within to change the world they live in. And, of course businesses are not immune.

At MakeSense we believe fresh points of view can bring good. That’s why, instead of focusing on the what’s obstructive with this upcoming culture, maybe it’s time to embrace what they’re keen to achieve. In the end, as Stephen Covey once said:

“The strength lies in differences, not in similarities. “