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Why animations?

As a partner in the Pharma, we have been developing scientific content in a refreshing jacket since 2010. Which doctor nowadays still has time to go through an entire clinical study or analysis? Our annual surveys among doctors show that more than 70% of doctors prefer a fresh form like an animation video to digital aid. As a partner, we help pharmaceutical companies to be of added value for both doctors and patients.

Why video animations?

  • clear information transfer
  • easy to place on the website, on social channels or send via email
  • extremely suitable for mobile (79% is already mobile only)
  • the viewing ratio is 50% higher than just text

The animation process in 10 steps

  1. Kick off meeting
  2. The text of the video is written – this always happens together, where we take the lead and provide you with the knowledge
  3. The style of the video is outlined
  4. The script is developed based on the voiceover text
  5. The storyboard is drawn (these are all individual scenes)
  6. The voiceover voice is recorded, with a choice of three different options (male / female, young / old, accent)
  7. After agreement on the storyboard, everything is animated and the story comes to life
  8. The voiceover is recorded and placed under the video
  9. Animation ready and ready to be distributed
  10. Personalization per patient / customer group is still possible after this

58% better remembered

Animations convey messages 60,000x faster than written text and information is 58% better remembered!

If video / animation is used in an email, the average rises open ratio with 19%, the click ratio with 65% and the number of un-subscribers with 26%. (Syndacast, 2016)

What does such an animation cost?

The costs are highly dependent on a number of factors:

– duration of the animation degree of complexity of the study

– hours of medical writing

– degree of feedback.

Contact one of us and we can give you examples of cases and the costs thereof.

That always gives a good estimate.