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Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to our phones.


However, Millennials might be more addicted than average. Surprised?

39% of Millennials interact with their smartphones more than anything and anyone else; including their significant others, co-workers, friends, and family, according to this MarketWatch survey.

In this article, we’ll see what Millennials’ mobile phone habits are and what in the world they do with their phones that’s so important.

1- An average Millennial checks the phone 150 times a day. While I was writing this article, I grabbed my phone more than 5 times, so I think the number checks out. But besides to get good ol’ dopamine as we use social media, this YPulse survey claims the most common reason to use our mobile phones is for messaging (89%), followed by watching videos (75%), fact-checking (51%), and reading news (40%).

2- But it can’t be all fun and games? Wait, it is actually. Because Millennials love using their smartphones to play mobile games. According to ComScore 2017 U.S., 46% of Millennials have spent at least $5 on an app in the previous year, and most of the apps appeared to be mobile & serious games. Playing games not only helping them to cope with depression, but it also gives an opportunity to socialize with their fellow gamers, teaching them new skills while enabling to have a mental workout. (Yes, mental workout is a thing.)

3- 63% of Millennials shop on their smartphones every day. And when they are in stores, 84% claim to use their phones for assistance. Getting their friends’ opinions, comparing prices or sharing their in-store experience with the internet is important to them.

You see, young people glue their eyes to their phones, looking like they are cut from the outer world, but social interaction appears to be the number one reason for Millennials to use their phones. So maybe we’re not living in a Black Mirror episode after all, but the way we communicate has simply changed.