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How to spend your marketing budget

Just 4 months left to utilize your marketing budget, how do you plan on spending it?


Due to Covid-19 we are all in uncharted territory and we have no idea when it will endMany sectors have been trending towards remote work for the last couple of years, but now the working from home mandates have expedited this shift. Traditional advertising channels are slowly but surely becoming obsolete. Getting ahead of the accelerated technology shift demands a ton of content in new channels.

Health is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind, so you want to make sure you’re well positioned to service as many clients as you’re capable of. A great tool to use while advertising is to provide insights and guidance in key areas to build trustworthiness with your target market.
By posting key facts and figures, your company will draw more attention from those who may not know what you offer, but find themselves very interested in the information you provide. Once the marketing plan is created, it will allow data to be collected to gauge which content your viewers are engaging with most. Although this may not give you direct feedback into what services or products they are interested in, it will narrow down their interest in a way for your company to funnel their attention.


Why should you spend your marketing budget now?


By utilizing your budget to digitize your company or organization, it allows you to be at the forefront of this radical shift to adapt to a new normal post Covid-19.

This sounds very straightforward, and that is exactly what it is. In a lot of businesses, the website is something that always appears on the bottom of the TO-DO list. First the front-end, how does your website look? Does it still represent your company or has anything changed, and you actually need to update it? If the target group visits your website do they immediately see what the company does and how you can help them? What do you want your visitors to do on the website? Give you a call or maybe sign up for the newsletter. Is your Call-To-Action clear? 

The back-end of the website is as important as the front-end. The backend will help to be ranked in Google higher. Spend time on Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) so it is easier for your target group to find you when they look for certain keywords.

Lead generation is always a good investment. 

Data will allow to add in some forms of automation by understating more precisely what your target market is looking for. Which data do you already have and how can you optimize it? Are people asking the same questions over and over again? Maybe it will be a good idea to update the FAQ page to your website. You want to know where most of your customers is located, so you be sure to install Google Analytics and study the data.

Screentime is sky-high

Social Media is not only about posting images on Instagram and Facebook. There is so much more to discover in the world of social media. As we are currently in the digital age, it is also wise to send out newsletters, produce a podcast and/or YouTube channel to have experts provide in depth knowledge on topics that are most relevant for your audience. The marketing content should represent the surface level, while the podcasts and video content should show why you’re considered a leader in your field. The digital age is rapidly moving attention away from television onto smart devices, which is why your organization must create its digital channel for clients & leads to tune in.

Paid Search Conversation is rebounding

There are multiple ways to reach your target audience. Consider showing ads through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter. Or of course Google Ads, affiliate links or banners on other websites. And one of the most popular strategies at this moment is working with influencers, who will promote your service or product in a natural way.

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We help you to cope with changes within your organisation, both internal or external, like a change of direction or the introduction of a new product. How do you approach such a project, and which marketing tools do you use? We challenge you to look through different eyes and inspire you with new online technologies. Together we will develop a digital strategy both you and your clients will love.

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