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How to develop a commercial digital strategy that is aligned to the organization’s capabilities



..and drive results, not just doing what everyone else is doing. Many healthcare companies spend a significant amount of time and money on advertising and marketing their products or services.

The first step in building your marketing strategy is to have a solid understand who it is you are marketing to. Doing so ensures that your marketing efforts are focused, and as a result, you’ll be getting the return on investment that you’re after.

The concept of digital marketing:
Digital commercial marketing is highly customizable and offers advertisers the opportunity to get in front of targeted customers. In this modern era, many multinational healthcare companies are adopting digital marketing by using e-commerce websites, social media platforms for their promotions and sale of the products and services. They provide online information about their products and their benefits and attract new customers. This delivers a lot of bang for those marketing bucks, allowing marketers to spend to efficiency targets that control the difference between investment and return.

The trend of digital marketing in the healthcare sector:
Digital marketing in the healthcare sector is replacing traditional marketing strategies. This concept of marketing is not only cost effective but also less time-consuming. Leading healthcare industries around the globe are using new and exciting marketing techniques such as AI, automation, progressive profiling and many others.
To create a digital commercial strategy for the healthcare industry that capitalizes on the sales channels will take some time and consideration to ensure yours abide by all international laws and regulations, while building your product/brand reputation and digital consumer confidence. Sales reps who visit doctors to tell about their products are now provided with the tablets or iPad to show the glimpse of their products in a new way. They don’t need to speak much about their product as the digital aides and/or animations explain this more effectively and make it easy to understand as well. Healthcare organizations are starting to adopt consumer driven technologies like voice activated and geo-targeting a to get their product in front of the eyes of healthcare professionals.

Strategies for digital marketing in the healthcare industry:
In simple terms, a strategy is only a plan of action to achieve a desired and wanted goal, or multiple goals. Depending on the scale of the business, your digital marketing strategy might involve multiple digital strategies, each with separate and variable goals. Traditionally healthcare companies use (digital) brochures for the marketing purposes for each of their products which contain complete information packages about their products and can be distributed in different conferences and seminars as a part of their marketing plan.
A digital commercial strategy in the healthcare industry addresses the basic needs of a customer to succeed in cross-border e-sales channels and is part of a business’s digital transformation to move to a positioning for long term success in the online environment. Shifting from old, traditional ways of marketing to new concepts takes courage, but will help to grow the business long-term, and remain competitive in the field with.

The basis of a solid strategy consists of these steps (but not limited to):

  • Have a clear mission statement/objective. The more refined the objective, the greater the chance of people understanding it, and being able to contribute towards it.
  • Set the overarching strategy. The strategy provides an easy to understand overview of how you will deliver the objective, in this era this can be done with the help of animations, video clips, short commercial ads to be run on different social media platforms and owned channels.
  • Decide core tactics. Commercial digital strategy tactics may include; creating new content hubs, paid content promotion, social PR, email marketing, SMS marketing related to prevailing disease and its treatment, and expanding the current affiliate network for newly developing products
  • Assessed the potential for the commercial digital strategy
  • Develop a commercial digital strategy recommendation based on the analysis and on expertise and experience in the digital space
  • Create a potential client list for each opportunity based on an assessment of the