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Being digital and marketing ready within one day with your #pharma team is possible! We teach you the fundamentals of the digital landscape, the organization, strategies and changes. During the day you get the best tips to make the best decisions right away.


08:30 Reception  // 09:00 Start  //17:00 End with drinks

Part 1 Digitization

  • Digitalization in a broader perspective
  • What are the “fundamentals” that everyone should know?
  • What are the current insights that I need to work with now?

Part 2 Digital transformation: devising a strategy that works

  • Digital transformation: what is involved?
  • The major changes that technology causes.
  •  How do you implement a digital way of working within Pharma?

Part 3 Digital strategy: charting a winning course

  • How do you develop a clear digital strategy for your team?
  • How do you come to a workable idea?
  • Marketing and sales trends

Part 4 Change: concretize into promotions

  • Where does everyone encounter in marketing sales in Pharma?
  • How do you create a closed loop marketing model?
  • Where do you start? Step-by-step plan for developing the right multi-channel mix.

Refreshing and clear!

"Beautiful day in which all the most important digitization lessons are rushed through. What a speed!"

"An inspiring day with a huge boost in tools, knowledge and skills"

"Interactive and real of this time. I thought digitization was for nerds but it was made very accessible and fresh"

Practical information


MakeSense Amsterdam
Singel 1, Amsterdam
Tel: 0202101466


08.30 Reception
09.00 Start
17.00  End with drinks

Do you want a customized Digital in one day? That is of course also possible.